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I set up Lillagunilla Ceramic Studio in 2013.

I work with stoneware clay that I hand build and throw into beautiful luminous light holders and sculptural forms for the home and garden. The name of my studio is a tribute to my mother Gunilla who died of breast cancer in 2006. "Lilla" means "little" in my native language Swedish, and as a young girl I was often referred to as the little Gunilla because of the similarities I had to her.

I grew up in the deep forest of Småland, Sweden, surrounded by spruce trees, moss and dark rivers. As a young girl I played, created stories and found solace there away from normal life and growing up. In nature I could be whoever I wanted and live in my own imaginative world.

My idea of creating lightholders with carved or cut patterns derives from the dark winters I spent there as a child with a house full of candles and tealights lit. They would create reflections on the wall or ceiling and transform a room from ordinary to magical.

I find inspiration in nature and the sky at night. Rugged rocks that has been shaped by time, the landscape of the moon, the symmetry of patterns in the natural world.

I fire my work outdoors in a pit, barrel or Raku kiln. I paint them with Ferric Chloride solution and place them in tin foil Saggars that I fill with various combustible materials.














1996-97    The Art& Crafts 1 year Course Sundsgårdens Folkhögskola, Helsingborg, Sweden


1998-00    The Ceramic 2 year Education Programme, Östra Grevie Folkhögskola, Malmö, Sweden


2000-01    Form & Design Education Programme, Kalmar University, Sweden


2003-04    Foundation of the Arts, London College of Communication, London, UK


2004-06    Bachelors of Art in Illustration and Graphic Design, London College of Communication, London, UK


Courses and Workshops

2014           John Evans Naked Raku and Saggar Firing Workshop, Angmering, UK

2014           John Evans Advanced Raku and Pit Firing Workshop, Angmering, Uk


2000        Falsterbo Konsthall, Samlingsutställning Keramik och Glas, Sweden


2017          London Potters Exhibition at Mill House, London, UK


2017          Art in Clay, Hatfield, UK

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